The Movement:

Fear Her Fight is an athletic lifestyle brand designed to allow athletes to harness their confidence from winning the platform to fighting the patriarchy. FHF appeals to those that support women's rights. It is for those who want to end the death grip of power in our government. It is for those who stand up against misogynistic communities, institutional insubordination, and racist learned behaviors. The wide spectrum in FHF's audience has (and is not limited to) powerlifters, martial artists, crossfitters, ultra marathon runners, gymnasts and even people who are new to strength training.  This brand honors all levels of fitness and has never and  will never be prejudice toward any athlete. Most importantly, FHF comes from a manifestation of female anger to make us stronger, more aggressive, supportive athletes in and out of the gym.


This movement all started out with fundraising some shirts for a ticket so I could go to Orlando to compete at USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals. When I was brainstorming about what to print on said shirts, I asked my husband, "What do you instantly think about when you see me getting under the bar?" He said "Fear" and shortly after said "Fight". It stuck for so many reasons. After selling out my small batch of plain black t-shirts with plain yellow text, my extended family and friends continued to asked if I was ever making more. The thought didn't cross my mind because this was well after coming back from Orlando, so there was no funds to be raised. However, two instances happened that pushed my dreams of showcasing a greater, more radical representation of what strong looks like for women. A client asked me if she could buy a extra small tee because her daughter saw them and said she would feel powerful at school wearing it- she is 9. My other lovely friend told me that her daughter read my story out loud to her (t'was printed on a newsletter) three times on her way to school because one day she wanted to be strong like me. She has it taped on her wall at home to talk about when her friends come over- she is 16. If those aren't two more messages from the universe that tell me I need to highlight this message to the public, I don't know what is. Through this project, we can uplift and defend one another in and out of trainings. We have a lot to protest. Make them remember you.


Fear Her Fight was founded in the winter of 2017 and will continue to be loud and heard in our communities striving for justice and fighting for strength.

Maria Rodriguez
Founder of FHF Athletics
Strength Coach