Maroon Womxn's Fitted HERE Tee

Maroon Womxn's Fitted HERE Tee


We’ve been marching long before we could crawl. We’ve pushed boundaries, created ripples of change, and resisted until we’ve collapsed. We still rise.

Let it be known, our strength isn’t here for entertainment- we are here for the assemblage of our ancestors’ voices. We are here to impact our futures with a focus that’s bigger than our bodies.
We are here to shake the table.
We are here to identify our own gender.
We are brown on purpose.
Indigenous on purpose.
Strong on purpose.
Angry on purpose.
Proud on purpose.
Here for Black Lives Matter.
Here for the Afro-Latinx folx.
Here for the disabled.
Here for immigrants.
The space we take up is not an accident.
Nothing we’ve worked for is an accident.

Wherever we go, wherever we are, we’ve been marching on purpose. 

Here on purpose.

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This cut runs small (“slim fit”) and is not preshrunk. 100% cotton. We recommend ordering the next size up if you’re in between!