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My name is Chakera Holcomb, and I’m 23 years old. Currently, I am the strongest female powerlifter in the world! I hold 11 All Time World records and own a private strength training facility, Holcomb Barbell. While being in the Army Reserves, I'm a USPA certified personal trainer. I’m working on completing my bachelors degree at East Texas Baptist University.

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Danna Snow
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In 1996 I was introduce to powerlifting a year after having my neck fused from a sports injury. Because of my injury I was only able to bench press and deadlift. I competed for a federation which offered only those two lifts until 2004 where I competed in my first USA Powerlifting 3 lift event. I took some time off between 2005 and 2007 because of some hip issues. I started up again in 2007 and have been going strong since. In 2010 I made my first National Team and competed in the IPF World Bench Press Competition in Orlando. I have made at least one National Team every year since 2010 and have had the incredible opportunity to compete around the world representing the United States.

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Ivory Bruinsma

Ivory Bruinsma is the wife of one, mom of three. She is a stage 3 cancer survivor, writer, dreamer and body positive advocate. She is a certified Zumba instructor, and she is also certified in pre and postnatal fitness. Her passion for body positive fitness began after a grueling year of pregnancy and a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy. Two days after her last round of chemo she found herself in a local gym learning how to heal her broken body, broken spirit and mind. Over that past 18 months she has been cancer free and working towards being in the best health of her life. With three kids in tow she has kept strong and has lost over 30 pounds and has found her life and passion again.She found her strength in lifting weights but also in dance. She uses Zumba as the vehicle to express her pain and passion but most importantly love. She uses the gift of dance to help create a beautiful, body positive, fun experience for all. Her hopes is to help others fall in love with bodies, their beauty and their strength. One day you will see her coaching others in the weight room and becoming the powerlifter she dreams of being, but for now you can find her on the dance floor with red lips and a sparkle in her eye.

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Kimber Cross

Kimber Cross, a native of Washington state, grew up learning to overcome her handicap of being born without a right hand and achieve success in life through her avid activities in sports and the outdoors. Kimber was a fast pitch pitcher for nine years, an avid fisher, and hiker. More recently she began pursuing mountaineering and her passion for climbing Washington’s tallest mountains. She is now part of the Mountaineers organization as well as the larger adaptive climbing community. Whether she is rock climbing or traveling on glaciers for the next summit, Kimber has modified and adapted her tools and technique for safety and success in her sports. She believes disabilities simply allow one to access different abilities and with a supportive community and a strong belief in oneself, we become unstoppable.

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Taylor Gage

Taylor’s a New Yorker turned Seattleite who wears many hats in her business and life: she is a blogger, podcaster, writer, health coach, photographer, and CrossFit and USA Weightlifting coach, and she uses each of these mediums to spread messages of self compassion, confidence, strength, and empowerment to her students. She’s an advocate for going your own way, tapping into your physical and mental strength alike, become emotionally fit, enjoying the process, and having some damn fun along the way. You can find Taylor at, She Thrives Radio on iTunes, or @shethrivesblog.

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Mallory Rowan

Mallory Rowan is a 25-year-old entrepreneur passionate about fitness, business, and spreading some smiles and knowledge.In 2015, she started her own fitness apparel brand, LVD Fitness, as a class project in the last year of her degree. After graduating from journalism and business, she dove into the corporate world but never stopped pursuing LVD on the side. Just last June, she took the plunge and left the corporate world to dive into her passions full time. Mallory is all about spreading positivity, encouraging strengths of all kinds, and encouraging others to love themselves for who they are.

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Falesha Ankton Johnson
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Falesha Ankton Johnson is a 2x All- American from the University of Washington in track and field and a former Brooks Professional Athlete who has used her speed knowledge to build her own sports performance company.

Her career really elevated after she received her MBA from Gonzaga University which has given her the tools to merge her entrepreneur spirit with her passion of performance training.

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Jean Dawkins

I started hiking and climbing 11 years ago at the age of 54. What started as a desire to climb Mt. Rainier “one more time” after a nearly 30 year break for life and raising a daughter, ended up completely redefining my life.

I went from 0 to 60 in 4.5 months and never looked back. I spent the next 8 years climbing mountains around the world and along the way, completely redefined who I am. What followed was a whirlwind of adventure. In addition to climbing Rainier a total of 4 more times, bringing my total to 7, 2 Mt. Whitney winter ascents, and a 2011 attempt of Denali, I’ve also climbed and trekked in Africa, Ecuador, Bhutan, Russia, Argentina, Mexico and Nepal.

Family commitments have kept me home for the last few years, but my desire to push my limits has continued in the gym - and in life. I wanted a physical challenge to celebrate my upcoming 65th birthday and 6 months ago started exploring powerlifting. I’m competing for the first time in an AAU National event on May 26th!

I live in Seattle and in the last year have launched a new online coaching business empowering moms who are transitioning from mom life to starting the rest of their life.

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