Womxn’s Strength Summit 2018


A day for womxn to collaborate and grow in their fitness endeavors.

This full day event was epic.

We had a turn out of 85 womxn from all around the PNW including some that flew up from different parts of the nation! Tons of amazing sponsors and vendors, with local food and drinks to be offered.

Along with our unforgettable speakers, there was a deadlift competition at the end with a raffle and prizes. There were laughs, glistening faces (from the breakout workout sessions plus a really warm day) and plenty of tears... tears of joy, healing and personal growth. As a community, we all saw how strength has many approaches and not everyone who is strong has one way to identify it. Strong looks different on everyone! 


We are so excited to organize the 2nd Annual Womxn's Summit, a two-day event (because there is just so much to cover and process!) on June 1st-2nd 2019 at Tacoma Strength in Tacoma, Washington.

We cannot wait for this!